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Today’s post will be a link to the post of one of my new Five Minute Friday/Relevant friends.  Her name is Jacque.  Now that I’ve met her in person, I’ve found her to be as delightful and sparkly as I did when I met online.  It doesn’t hurt that we have in common being a wife, mother and RN!

She recently started a blog entitled Mercy Found Me…  (This is the link to the post.)  I knew there had to be a story that went with that title…and during supper of the first night at Relevant, she told it to me.  I’m sure you’ll be reading more about her story of God’s gritty grace and mercy finding her as time goes on.  Those are always my favorite stories!

This is also the start of a new series I’ll be starting.  Keep watching for more entries as I add links to posts I find useful, helpful and “wish I had said”.  Now changed to Write On!  I’m trying on concise.  (11/20/11

Meanwhile, you will be able to identify with her today as you read about “the dance” many of us have with God as we struggle to believe we are forgiven.  That work of propitiation when God the Father poured out all His anger against sin on Jesus Christ and Jesus bore the full weight of the punishment for all sin of all time.  That just anger has been satisfied.  There is NO MORE CONDEMNATION left  (cf. Romans 8:1-2) if we are in Christ Jesus!

When we sin again, we don’t face the slightest sarcasm from God the Father, no reminders of past failures, no “silent treatment” to repay us, no repayment of guilt with recriminations.  There is NO condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus!  The full payment for sin has taken place.  We stand before the Father dressed in Christ’s righteousness.  HALLELUJAH!

**Sadly, we can know these facts, and still be in the middle of this dance!  I speak from long experience.  Enjoy Jacque’s post…

photo: — Stuart Miles