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photo: -- Stuart Miles

For those of you who have very young children…or grandchildren, I want to introduce a new blog to you.  I’ve linked to this blogger before.  She was also a speaker at the Relevant Conference (for Christian women bloggers).

Her new blog is designed for mothers of young children/babies.  At this point, you may not know whether or not you will be homeschooling them.  What you do know, is that for these early years, you ARE teaching them at home…whether you use words or not.  They are soaking up all kinds of information, values, attitudes…everything from you, your husband and extended family and friends.

Laura’s blog will help guide you to resources that have been helpful to her. She will also give helpful and creative ideas for you to use at home.  She is just a few steps ahead of you and her information is current.  She will have lots of practical, creative information available for you.

This post was one that relates to these early years, actually all the child-raising years as well.  Laura has lots of resources and often makes vlog (video + blog) postings.  Here is: You are the Curriculum by Laura Booz of The Homeschool Baby

Write on Laura!  And I mean that in both ways…Right on!