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Photo: Martha Brady

Photo: Martha Brady

Finally…the Internet is connected and functioning!  Lots of glitches!  I’ve been off-line since Thursday night.  Finally got online late this morning.  I got some clearing out done, but mostly had to leave for the house and work there.

This evening has been spent emptying some boxes so we can get rid of some of the boxes…or tear them down so others can use them when needed.

We got the big things moved on Friday.  There are still plenty of things to put away…to say nothing of the things left in the house that need to be disposed of, sold, and cleaned up.

Getting into the space clarifies priorities quickly

But one thing I’m discovering is that a lot of priorities are falling into place as we try to fit into a smaller place.  I don’t do well with plotting furniture layouts on a piece of paper.  I have to see them in the room.  Maybe all would have been clearer before we moved if plotting layouts on paper worked for me.  I’m sure it would have.  But it really doesn’t.  I think I’m spatially challenged.  Moving is very difficult.  I can’t get it all figured out until I’m in the space.

It’s not neat or pretty as a process.  But in the end it works.  So now that we’re here, I’m seeing what fits.  We’re seeing how small the closets are.  How small the storage space is.  The reality is showing me how little I can bring.  How much I need to whittle down…to basics.

Downsizing isn’t as painful now because we aren’t leaving house we’re emotionally attached to

It’s not as painful now as it was last year.  It does feel good to be getting rid of a lot of “debris” and clutter.  It seems clearer now that much of what I have is actually that…clutter!  We’ll be getting rid of more once we get settled I’m sure.

Trimming the fat is not easy.

It’s even more difficult if you don’t start!

So, if you are facing the need to “trim the fat” just start the process!  Pick a closet or drawer or room and start trimming.  You will find that as you start, it will begin the process.

There will be walls you will run into that will slow you down, but if you keep at it, you will find that the trimming will be completed.

When trimming get’s difficult. Take a short break.

An hour.  A day.

But get back to it soon…and keep at it on a regular basis.

At times, you will lose your way.  Just keep at it.  You will find it after awhile.  The more you purge, the more clear your priorities will become.  It will be clearer what you want to save and get rid of.  What is important to you and what fades away into the background.  What enhances your passions and what is just junk!

Keep the beautiful and the functional.  Find ways to save the sentimental in ways that don’t take up space (ie. photos, framed pieces, given to children  and put in their homes, memories in your head, etc.).

Where do you need to start purging?

(start small, especially if it is a big job.)

How much time can you give to it?

You will be surprised at the accomplishment of 15/30 minutes a day, 5 days a week will accomplish…and yes, set the timer and stop when it dings!)