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photo: Martha G. Brady

photo: Martha G. Brady

Yesterday, we dragged our dining room table outside and gave it a new coat of black paint.  It is one of those tables that has the edges that are sanded off and another color that shows through to make it look old.  I had to be careful at those edges and managed to avoid covering the colored areas with black.

Now, the scratches are covered.  All is black that is supposed to be black.  The table isn’t perfect, but it looks much better than it did after these last two moves.  Now, we have a nice black surface with no apparent scrapes and scratches on it.  Our dining room is looking like a dining room and our living room almost looks like a living room too!

The outside of our apartment has a vegetable garden growing along with a flower garden.  Everything is looking neat and clean as you enter.  Ferns are hanging in the doorway and geraniums are blooming at the entrance.

When you come to our apartment, it is mostly inviting.  We’re working our way back in the house as we get the house in order.

It feels good to be settling in more each day…

and to be getting more lean as well!

I have a pile of things for a grage sale…don’t know if it will be live or online.  I have also thrown out a lot and donated plenty.  There is more to go, but I think we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

Bonus: I’m also losing weight!

I have checked my weight recently and was pleasantly surprised to find that I had lost 10 pounds!  I think it is a combination of getting my thyroid level back to normal, finally finding a medication that helps regulate my cholesterol level and being busy…maybe?  It isn’t because I have been eating extremely well, but for the most part, I’m eating less!

As we get settled in, our life gets more into a routine.  I know that helps for sure.  Housework is a delight.  When I see dirt, I clean it and it takes about 5 minutes.  It is fun for sure!

So all I can do is encourage you to keep trimming the fat…wherever it is.  Don’t give up.  Just trim a little here, a little there.  Streamline what you can.  Share your bounty with those in need.  Share your skills with those who need help.  Share your love as GOD enables you and gives you the strength.

Where do you need to trim?

Start small and keep at it regularly.