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nornamentThis ornament was given to us by the Underwood family in 1981.  They also attended Old Cutler Presbyterian Church when Ron was on staff there.  The church was located in the very southern part of Miami…closer to Homestead than to downtown Miami.  They were involved in an evening couples’ Bible study that Ron led then as well.  Since then, they have moved to another part of FL, the Houston, TX area and now live in the Atlanta, GA area.

They continue to be part of our Christmas memories through this simple Christmas decoration they gave us years ago!  When we decorate the tree, this always gets on the tree along with memories of hospitality they have shown us over the years, their two daughters, now grown and of another family who were their neighbors and close friends.

The Pattersons are linked with Underwoods in our memory.  Underwoods’ daughters and the Pattersons’ oldest daughter were the same age.  Poor Mark (Patterson).  He was the lone boy in the group. He was also a good bit younger than the girls.  There were days when it must have been maddening. Years later, Pattersons added Hope to their happy crew, but that is a story for another day!  They too were transferred a number of times since then and now live in Olathe, KS.  We last saw them–too briefly–at our daughter’s wedding in 2008.

It is such a nice reminder that God brings friends into our lives over the years…for a season.

We enjoy them, love and minister to each other and miss them when we must say, “Good-bye!”  Now that is one word I don’t think we’ll have to say in heaven…and I’m so glad!

**This post was first written 12/3/2010.