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illustration: canva graphic: Martha G. Brady

Do you ever get the feeling that Thanksgiving is the forgotten holiday?  You know, the one jammed in between Halloween and Christmas?

The one that is being called Turkey Day more frequently?  The one that is more concerned with eating, football and planning for Christmas sales?

And why is it named Thanksgiving?  Do you even know much about the history of how it started?

Thanksgiving.  Now there is a forgotten virtue!  Despite the frequency that we use the word “thank you” in everyday conversation, we don’t often have the grateful hearts to accompany the words…shown by our upset when an expected blessing is removed.

Or is that just me?

A Thanksgiving Prayer

Lord, show me what a thankful heart is!  I’m an American, and a self-centered one at that!  I haven’t got a clue how blessed I am!  Help me to be grateful…for your grace, your mercy, your forgiveness, your redemption, your creation, the gifts of the children and grandchildren you have given me…or not.  Whichever way You have chosen to teach me to depend on You, it has had it difficulties.  I thank you.

Thank you for what you have taught us from our losses–of children, of parents, of goals and dreams.  Thank you for the food you provide and the home you have given us.  We take that for granted to such a large extent…and wish for more!  We need to learn to be contented with the gifts you give…and find our satisfaction in YOU.

Thank you for whatever season we are in regarding our health.  When we are healthy, we often take our good health for granted, not realizing that it is a gift, a temporary one.  When we are ill, we learn so much because we have to trust in you.  We have nowhere else to go!  Thank you for what we learn during those seasons.

Give us grateful, appreciative, joyful, thankful hearts.  We need your grace.  Help us to trust in You as the Source of all good things.  In the all-sufficient name of Jesus we pray.  Amen.

What are your observations regarding Thanksgiving?  I’d love to hear YOUR comments.

originally written 11/26/10.  reprised 11/28/13, 11/25/15. 

copyright 2010.