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photo: 2724115xfh6fooj.jpg

Lately, the weeks seem to be flying by.  I think it might be because the days are crazy busy!  Life is slowing down a bit since the frenzy of packing and the early unpacking is done.  Now we are getting into the fine tuning of settling in.  mixing colors with items that haven’t been in the same rooms before, etc.

Next week I hope to attack my guest room/craft room.  I know it will be a big job so I decided to delay working on it until the rest of the house had a little more order.

But back to Five Minute Friday.  Our word today is SONG.  I think you have read the rules often enough that I won’t repeat them today.  You can always read them at the Lisa-Jo Baker’s link if you want.



Sometimes it seems like a performance.

Technically it can be very correct,

But it comes through in a cold way.

Why?  The words sound like words only.

Something secondary to the music.


As a child who was in church often…and seemed to have a propensity to memorize easily,

I picked up the words to the hymns we sang quickly.

Bible verses set to music stuck in my head much longer.

I sang in choirs in high school and college.

I think that was something that kept me sane.


It was a place I could be myself…and sing.

I still remember the words to a piece we sang in high school

From Ephesians: “Let all bitterness and wrath and anger and clamour

Be put away from you, with all malice.

And be ye kind to one another….”    (Ephesians 4:31-32)                   STOP


During most of those years, I lived in a place that often judged my motives

By their legalistic standards.

They thought they were GOD’s standards, but I’m not so sure.

Mercy or grace was rarely a consideration.


Justice was really injustice

Because we didn’t have the opportunity to defend ourselves in healthy ways.

Truth wasn’t really sought out.

They knew our motives without asking.

They were always right…even when they weren’t.


But they couldn’t stop the music GOD placed in my heart.

That oppressive environment made it difficult,

But not impossible.

In fact, those choir trips that ministered to others

Also ministered to my soul.


They filled it with wonderful words and music.

With joy and laughter.

With friendships and fellowship with fellow choir members…and those we visited in churches.

And freedom to get out of the confines and into the world of normal.


Are you pretending to have a song that isn’t really there?

Are you finding your song in difficult circumstances…and being surprised

that it’s still there?