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It’s Five Minute Friday (FMF) once again.  The weeks seem to fly by and we’re almost at the end of January!  Wow!  If you have read this very often, you know the drill.

The rules for FMF are as follows: WRITE for 5 minutes and don’t look back.  LINK to Gypsy Mama’s FMF page.  Most important, STOP by and leave an encouraging note to the person ahead of you…and any others you wish.  It’s all quite simple.  So join us and write!

The word for today?  CHERISH.



I saw today’s word yesterday.

It has been playing on my mind

I feel the word cherish more than I define it.

But part of the definition is to know what it isn’t.

It isn’t taking another person for granted.



Most of the people in my life that I truly cherish

Seem to be the ones I also take for granted.

I’m glad for them to comfort me and care for me

When I’m having a hard time but please,

Do I really have to put myself out when they need help?


Yes, that’s what cherishing does.

When I cherish someone,

I esteem them.

I value them highly.


I find that racing through life seriously interferes with

Developing an attitude that cherishes.

Why? Because I get too involved with me and my agenda.

I don’t have time to think about others,

To do little things for them to encourage and support them.

I’m just too busy, too frazzled!


Prioritizing my life helps me

So my busyness isn’t just empty activity.

Making certain that I’m doing the important things first

Keeps my focus on the things GOD wants me to focus on.

And let the rest go.                             STOP


What do you do to show those you cherish that they are valuable to you?

Are you saying it in a way that communicates in their language?