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Please & thank you on textured background of dark teal. Also quilt pattern of flying geese used for trim in multicolored pattern.

Graphics by Martha G. Brady

Five Minute Friday…It’s here again.  It’s hard to believe this month is almost over!  It has been a busy one!  We had a big election, now Thanksgiving is over.  Another week and it will be December.  2012 is almost gone.  For some of you my comments are depressing, for others, exciting…Christmas is almost here!  Either way, time flies!

But back to the rules of Five Minute Friday.  Here they are:

  • Write on the topic for 5 minutes.
  • Link your post to Gypsy Mama’s Five Minute Friday page.
  • Last, and most important? Add an encouraging message to the person ahead of you on the page.

Today’s word?  THANK YOU



“Please”… “Thank You.”

Early words I learned as a child.

They indicated that I had manners.

If I forgot to us those magic words,

My parents were ever ready to correct and remind.

“Don’t forget to say ‘Please’ and ‘Thank you.’ ”


As I grew older, I wrote thank you notes.

They were also a sign that I was polite.

But were they signs that I was grateful?

That was what I had to ask myself one day.

I realized that just because I said…or wrote, the words,

It didn’t mean I was grateful!


That was something that comes from the heart.

It can’t be legislated and monitored.

It must grow out of the modeling of parents and adults.

I look around at many young children

and see many who  don’t commonly use those words.

They ask for things from their parents but with no “please”,

It sounds more like a demand.

With no “thank you”,

It sounds more like ingratitude.


They take for granted the provisions they have…a good thing.

That means they haven’t suffered want.

But this often breeds children and a society that have an entitlement mentality.

Sadly, when we lack appreciation,

We often find ourselves being unhappy and dissatisfied.       STOP


When dealing with my Heavenly Father,

I find that my attitude is often one of entitlement.

I often think He owes me!

I want Him to give me a good life.

I don’t want to have any struggles or problems.

When things don’t go the way I’d like,

I want Him to work according to my plan.

When I look back over my life,

I’m grateful that He has been the One who made the plans.


They were much better than mine could have ever been.

Thank You GOD, for your wisdom and sovereign grace.

They have been greater than I could have imagined!

Your blessings have been abundant.