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These are some of the things I have observed by watching happy and miserable singles and marrieds… and reading GOD’s Word.

The absolutely true things are written in Scripture.  Often however, we interpret Scripture through the lens of experience instead of the other way around.  Scripture is TRUE!  As Edith Schaefer used to call it: true truth!  Experiences of people can often be misleading.  

For more, read my guest post, which includes Biblical truth and some experiences, at TripleBraidedLife.  She is having her first baby and I am one of her guest hosts.  This blog is one I can highly recommend…whether you are single or not!

Finish reading at Triple Braided Life.  Brenda is waiting for her first baby to come any day now.  She has asked a few of us to guest post for her in the meantime.  She has a great blog.  If you go there, you have a great opportunity to win a Kitchen Aid mixer between now and November 14, 2012.  Have a great day!