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photo: Martha G. Brady

photo: Martha G. Brady

Today, I am guest hosting for Bonnie Wallace at Living from Strength to Strength. This was the original date I signed up to guest post for her. She had some cancellations and I ended up filling in last week at the last minute. I wasn’t looking to fill her dance card! 

This weekend my husband and I will celebrate our 46th wedding anniversary. I’m surprised. When we were dating we never expected to be married this long.

Wait, it’s not what you think. When we were dating…and we didn’t have that many actual dates, we were sitting on the Fort Lauderdale, FL beach on a beautiful moonlit night.  What were we talking about? The fact that since he was 8 years older than I and his dad died at the age of 47 of heart disease, maybe we shouldn’t get serious…which we already were. 

My answer?  “If I don’t mind, I don’t think you should!”  I didn’t think hard about the answer. He was stunned! But it seemed to put his concerns to rest and a couple of months later (when we saw each other again) we were engaged.

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