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Pardon me, I’m a little out of breath!  I’ve been racing to catch up all week on my readings.  It’s Sunday and I am caught up to today.  I got more behind than I thought.  I think it got to 3, maybe 4 days.  I thought I would never catch up!  But I’m almost there!  One thing is for sure, I’m officially past the 1/2 way mark…WOO HOO!

I’ve almost finished the historical and poetic books and have gotten a good start on both some minor and major prophets!  One thing I noticed before slightly, but am really catching this time, is how much poetry is in the prophetic books!  And the imagery…oh my!  It is very helpful to read that certain concepts are “like” something we are familiar with.  Makes it more vivid and concrete.

I didn’t remember that Isaiah had to walk around naked for 3 years to demonstrate what was going to happen to the people to whom he was ministering!  Three years!  I can’t even imagine.  Of course, Hosea’s life was no picnic either!  And I haven’t gotten to the really miserable ones like Jeremiah, who had to sit in a mud pit for a long time.

Now I wouldn’t have wanted to have the names of some of their children.  Poor “No Mercy” (Hosea’s daughter).  Then there was Isaiah’s son who had a name a mile long!  I’ve heard preacher’s kids complain about their lot, but I don’t think it was anything compared to the “prophet’s kids” of long ago.

The message comes through loud and clear from the Psalms of course, but also in Isaiah and Hosea (reminded me of an Old Testament version of the Prodigal Son).  Here is the message.  I AM GOD!  I AM THE ONLY GOD.  I AM IN COVENANT WITH MY PEOPLE AND AS SUCH, I EXPECT THEM TO WORSHIP ONLY ME!  If you worship me alone in the way I have told you, you will do fine.  If you intermarry and take on the gods of your wives, you will do poorly…sooner or later.

I do not forget.  I am not a wimp.  I am not merely a peaceful GOD.  I AM THE GOD OF THE UNIVERSE!  I will come with judgement against my people if they turn from me…and it will be the fire-breathing kind of judgement!

Reading so many of the Psalms and the Minor Prophets has reminded me of the many attributes of GOD.  It has been very reassuring, encouraging but sobering as well!  I’ll keep reading.  I’m very much enjoying reading the Bible through this way.