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I felt like I was reading this past week, but I couldn’t seem to keep all!  It’s true, I’m trying to get ready for the Allume conference (formerly Relevant).  But all of a sudden, I looked and I was 5 days behind!  Ugh!

My comments today will reflect what I have read so far, not the reading up to where I should be.  As of today (Monday), I am ready to start Day 60.  I should be on Day 64.

One of the main things that is hitting me from this past week’s reading is all the prophecies I have been reading from Ezekiel and Jeremiah especially to the leaders of Israel.  By this time, they were all evil: the kings and priests!  But they would still come to either Jeremiah or Ezekiel to find out the outcome of an upcoming battle or the newest political change.

Occasionally, the news would be somewhat good such as the time they were told to stay where they were because it would be safer than leaving.  If they left, and logic and good sense told them that was the safest way to go, GOD said they would be killed.

Of course, they didn’t believe the prophet and did what they wanted to do, proving that they were stubborn and stiff-necked…and they were killed.

For the most part, the news for them was bad and kept getting worse.   The message from GOD through the prophet was some form of the following: I AM GOD!  You have been a stubborn people.  You have not obeyed me.  I set you aside as my special covenant people and you have gone your own way.  You have broken covenant with me and worshiped other gods.  This sin is just like adultery to me.  

I am going to wipe you out!  You have been unfaithful to me.  The few of you that remain in Judah will be taken to a foreign land for 70 years.  When the surrounding nations see what I have done, they will know that I am the LORD!

When I bring you back to the land.  They will know that I am the LORD!

It is difficult for us as Americans who see plenty as a sign that we are blessed by GOD to understand how surrounding heathen nations would understand that GOD is LORD when He wipes His people out.

But they understood that these people were not following their god.  It only made sense that if the GOD Israel and Judah worshiped was the true GOD, that He would wipe them out…and He did.  He left a few people in the land, very few.  Most were taken to Babylon.

We tend to love all the good things about GOD and His teachings in Scripture.  We want to know how to be happy and prosperous.  We want to know how to find mercy and forgiveness.

But this part of Scripture is difficult.  It is difficult to read about this history of people who had so many opportunities.  They received so much truth and revelation about GOD…and stubbornly went their own way and disobeyed what they were told.

But then we have to stop…at least I do!  I realize I am looking at myself.  In many ways, I have been very fortunate.  I grew up in a good home…not perfect, but good in many ways.  I was taught Scripture as a child and had the opportunity to learn a lot about GOD.

Some days I live based on what I know, but there are many times when I am a rebel.  I go my own way.  Yes, I have believed and become part of the family of GOD.  But I often fail to live as if I was a daughter of the King.


This is not meant to be a guilt fest…just a reality check.