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It’s Tuesday afternoon.  I’m sitting at the corner bakery having lunch…at 3 PM!  I’m sipping on a glass of iced cold hibiscus tea, waiting for my salad…and writing.  It is a very hot day outside.  One of those days where the humidity makes you feel like you will melt within about five minutes of going outside!

Ron has been in Africa almost a week.  I.MISS.HIM.  He can only call when he is near wi-fi and that must not be very often!  I’ve only gotten one vonage call so far.  He doesn’t have much air-conditioning over there except at night in his hotel.  I’m sure it is very hot!

My body clock is rather wacky this week…it has been the past few weeks.  I can’t get to sleep much before two or three AM causing me to need to sleep until at least nine, often ten.  I hate sleeping that late.  It feels like my day fades away into oblivion.  My meals get weird then too because I’m eating breakfast at lunchtime…and so on and so on!

I was supposed to work today, but was cancelled.  This summer, the census has been low at the hospital.  I’ll probably work tomorrow.  Then that will be it for this week!

When Ron is away, I usually have lots of projects planned, which I do.  Then I work hard on them while he is gone so when he gets back there is something to show for his being gone, I’ve kept busy and the time has gone fast!  That way I make a positive out of his being away…the few times it has happened.

This time, I feel like I’m in a fog!  I’m bouncing off the walls and accomplishing very little of what I planned to do.  I’m feeling very “on edge” for him.  I still don’t know if his luggage arrived!  It seems to keep me a bit off balance.  Of course, I pray for Him along with the people in Colorado where the fires are…other things too.

Next Wednesday won’t come too fast!  I miss that man.  Not being able to talk to him and hear how his trip is going bugs me.  I knew it would.  But then I heard that some things aren’t quite going right and can’t find out how they are going now.  Not my favorite thing.

Heavenly Father, you know where Ron is today.  You know everything about him.  I pray that You will protect him while he is there in Africa.  Use him to encourage those pastors who minister in difficult places.  Use this trip to encourage Ron too.  Help him to see that He is still useful to Your Kingdom.  

Guide the translators, that they will translate well and accurately.  Use your Word to encourage those who hear it and those who teach it.  Bring him home with a new vision of the work you are doing in Togo.  

Help me to trust YOU…so I can grow, and so I can accomplish things that need to be done.  In Your Name I pray. Amen.


UPDATE: 6/27/12 I received an email today that all luggage arrived on Monday.  Their week is going well.  All are healthy.