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Another Five Minute Friday has come around again!  I always enjoy these exercises.  Why?  Because I never know how they will come out.  It is often as big a surprise to me where this five minutes will end up as it is to my readers.

  • Who dreamt up this clever, fun exercise?  Gypsy Mama whose real name is Lisa Jo.
  • What are the rules?  Write for 5 minutes and stop.  Don’t pass go, don’t collect $200!  You are done.
  • I proofread mine and add a photo and links.  Then it is on its way.
  • I almost forgot!  The final and most important rule?  Add some blog love to the person ahead of you on Lisa’s blog…and to any others you want.

Here goes!

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© Sutprattana |

When I come home from work, it is dark outside.

Most people are asleep in their homes.

The roads are quiet and dark.

Stores are closed up tight.

It is usually midnight.


I take my shower and get into comfy sleepwear.

Heating up a cup of chai latte and curling up on the couch or a nearby soft chair…

Ahhh!  I stretch out all the sore muscles…particularly in my neck and shoulders.

The busyness of the evening eases.


I’m awake.

Sometimes I start a load of laundry.

Out comes the computer, words on a page.  My favorite things.

I curl up and read, write…and sip!


Here and there on the web.  Finishing a post here.

Jotting a note there.  Meeting a new friend over there.

And learning as I go.

I am awake…for awhile.  It is peaceful and quiet.

The labors of the day ease.  My body relaxes.

Usually, my mind starts to settle down too.  I get tired…and go to bed.


Awake?  Not for now.  But soon.

New challenges await in the morning.  New twists on truths I have known.

God changes me while I write…and think.

The sun rises…and after a few hours…I’m awake!

That’s it!