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photo: 12/10

We are going to be visiting family off and on over this Christmas season.  I’ve tried to think about what I would do on the blog since I didn’t want to be writing while visiting grandchildren.  Tonight I found my solution.  I’ll  have reruns:)  If it works for TV, surely it can work on a blog!  I’ll chose some of my more popular posts and you can feel free to browse through the blog.

At the bottom of each post is a list of 4 or 5 posts if the one you see doesn’t interest you as much.  So while I enjoy most of my grandchildren (can’t make it to Ukraine this Christmas to see #6!) in their home settings, you can sip your hot coffee, warm latte or tea, sit by the fire and enjoy your family, or the quiet after a busy holiday.  Either way, there is joy to be found.

Christ came to earth to redeem us.  Hallelujah!


Just to whet your appetite for January.  We will start a series that will be a once a week post for our 2012 GrittyGrace Growth Adventure in Knowing God Better.  It will cover an attribute of God a week.  (Doing one a day seemed too concentrated.  I like to have time to think so it will sink into my soul.)

I have no illusions that this will be the great be-all, end-all coverage of God and His attributes.  He is infinitely larger than any description I could give.  I have never felt the feebleness of my words more than as I have prepared for this.  But it is encouraging and stretching to see who the God is that I worship.

So in the second week of January, I’ll start that series.  Meanwhile, I’m enjoying where the preparation is taking me.  The hope I have for this is not that we will learn a lot of new facts about God.  My hope is that what we learn here will help us know God better and in so doing, relate to him based on that knowledge.

Hopefully, this will affect how we talk to God, how we worship, how we relate to fellow Christians and even to those around us who are totally pagan.  Come join us in January for our 2012 GrittyGrace Growth Adventure  in Getting to Know God Better!