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Five Minute Friday is the dream child of Gypsy Mama.  Here are the rules:

  • Write for 5 minutes on the word for the day.
  • No rethinking or second guessing.  I do reread mine and make sure it makes sense and the words are spelled right.
  • I add my links and photos.  Then my post is on its way to the link at Gypsy Mama.
  • We are to stop and encourage at least the person ahead of us at at Five Minute Friday.  It’s fine to stop and encourage others as well.  I’ve made some great friends through this site.  Come join us!

Color! Don't you love it?

Color!  I love it!  The brighter the better.  I no longer wear neon colors, but there have been times when I would have loved to.  I don’t know what I would have done if God had created the world in black and white.  Do you ever get the feeling from some, that God would have preferred black, white and neutral?  Well, it just isn’t true!  This is the God who created rainbows, flowers, the whole color palette, green grass, blue sky, sunrises, sunsets…well you get the point.

It took me a long time for me to even use neutral colors!  I can tell you when it happened.  I had been learning to quilt…no I am not a purist.  I machine quilt.  I would never finish a quilt if I didn’t machine quilt.

I was reading a book on color and learned that there must be some neutrals to set off the colors.  Imagine!  That was news to me.  I had never noticed.  Have you seen Amish quilts?  They are black with bright blocks of color made all the more dramatic because of the black background!

If we want drama, we set the color off with white or black.  If we want more subtle ways to show color, we use other neutrals that tend to blend them more.  Either way, neutrals allow our eyes to rest a bit so we can move on and enjoy the color.

Too much color can be too much of a good thing.  We can’t handle it.  It is overwhelming.

Once again we see where God has provided rest for us.  We need it.  It is rejuvenating.  Whether it is literal rest for our physical eyes from color or rest for our body and spirit from our labor when we pause to worship God, we need rest.

  • Do you know how to rest?
  • Can you turn off your gadgets, your whirring brains, your mental to-do lists?  
  • Can you pause to worship Christ?  Each week?  Each day?

These are questions I have had to answer and learn by trial and error.  I am continuing to learn…in new ways.

Once again, I ran over my 5 minutes.  I couldn’t stop.  Was surprised where this went!  How did a post on color end up talking about rest?