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I have been struggling to write a blog with some content and I think I will just have to give up for now.  I need to finish my packing and complete all the chores needed to travel tomorrow.  I can tell you this because my husband will be home!  My house won’t be empty.

It’s not like you don’t have lots of choices  of things to read here now.  While I’m away, you can read the top articles on the right.  You can read the archive articles (from my old blog that needs to be moved over to this one…not done yet!) They are also found on the right.  Or, you can look at the topics, choose one and click on it to find pages of choices in a variety of categories.  One of my favorite categories is Serendipity!  That is where all the miscellaneous, fun things are that don’t easily fit a topic.  There are a few recipes, my Five Minute Fridays, some personal vignettes, and a serendipitous collection of articles.  Take a look and enjoy.

If you want to read some articles about Relevant, here is one and another.

Meanwhile, I will be spending much of my day tomorrow in airports traveling to Philadelphia where my brother and his wife Patty will pick my friend Ali and me up and trek us to Harrisburg.  We’ll spend the first night with them in their little guest apartment upstairs.

On Thursday, we’ll head on over to the hotel to settle in and then go to the conference in time for it to start in the afternoon.  Since this is an all female conference, you can just imagine all the squeals of laughter and fun as we meet writers of blogs we have read for awhile…or gotten to know on twitter.  There are places to sit and visit and drink coffee…or tea.  Thursday is supposed to be a rainy day so it will be a nice day to be inside once we all arrive.  I’m sure Friday and Saturday will fly by as we listen to speakers, go to seminars and visit with each other and reps from companies with resources that we might find useful.

This will be a fun, challenging, informative, stretching, interesting, and a time of learning.  I look forward to it.  I am excited for the possibilities of it.  But, there is always a touch of fear.  That I am not up to the challenge.  That I can’t measure up.  That no one will like me.


Your fears may be different from mine, but each of us who attend, face different challenges.  In these times, God’s grace will carry us…even if the worst happens.  If no one likes us. Unlikely, but it could happen.  If we don’t measure up. Depends on whose measuring stick is being used.  No matter what happens, God’s grace IS sufficient.  He will carry us to the next step.  He will give us the courage we need to do the next thing.

Meanwhile, I plan to enjoy this weekend.  I plan to enjoy meeting these women from different walks of life, from different parts of the U.S. and maybe even a few from out of the U.S.  We all want to serve the King.  We want to expand the Kingdom beyond ourselves.  This will be an opportunity to learn ways to be more effective in ministry to our families and to those to whom we minister on the internet.  Hopefully, our fear will not get in the way of getting to know each other in the ways we need to.

May God be glorified this weekend.