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Join us for another Five Minute Friday with Gypsy Mama.  We write for 5 minutes on the prompt she gives.  Today’s is “NEW”.  I add my links, read it over for errors, add a photo  and send it on its way.  Hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoy writing it!



“I will make all things new.”  This was done at the cross as a fete accompli.  When you think of your Christian life, do you think of words like new, fresh, alive, vibrant?  These are all words I associate with newness.

When Jesus came, that is what He brought!  He brought something new!  He brought life…to a place that was dark, deeply entrenched in tradition and anything but new.  The religious leaders of His day were ingrown and full of lists and lists of rules!  They had turned their religion into duties instead of a relationship. Jesus brought something life-giving and fresh.  They hated him for it!

What did Jesus bring?

Life, a new covenant,

new access to the Father,

a new song,

an opportunity to become new people,

to become part of the new covenant that He mediates

and able to follow the new commandmentLove each other as I loved you!  (to name a few.)

How is that looking in your life?  God is doing His part of the work for your salvation (100%).

You (and I as well!) need to cooperate in obedience, repentance and faith as His sons and daughters.