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photo: photobucket:LetsRunAway13

Today (Wednesday) I was in my third Weight Watcher (WW) class.  As I listened to the topic for today, I realized that underlying all of the information was the theme of balance.  Having balance in life.  The reason I’m here is because my eating habits have gotten out of balance…I’m definitely eating more than my activity allows…and, well, you know the drill.

One thing I like about the new plate designed to help us all eat a balanced diet is that it is much more user friendly.  A child can understand it.  Anyone can…which is what we want.  We want children to be able to learn to eat correctly and good food choices early…not so life can be difficult or miserable for them, but so they can have a good, happy, healthy life!  Simply put, the old pyramid (which never made much sense to me) is now a plate divided into quarters.  Half the plate (2/4) is fruits/vegetables.  The other half is protein and fiber.  It’s easy to remember…and the visual makes sense!

Of course, knowing truth (in this case, the right way to eat) does not mean we do it…but it is a first step in the right direction!

The nice thing about WW is that most vegetables and the fruits are free now.  (That is new since I used the plan last.)  (Of course, they aren’t “free” to diabetics, just us everyday overeaters.)  During this miserably hot summer, I have loved fresh, cold, juicy fruits.  I’ve been eating them mixed into salads with veggies.  MMMM, so good!


So, I’m plugging along.  Persevering.  Trying to find balance in my eating…in my exercise…and also in my life.  I had it once, but getting it back is HARD!  I need balance in other places as well.  The added weight…or pathetic malnutrition, in some of those areas doesn’t show like it does on my physical body.


Knowing I am loved by God, knowing He is not the author of all those voices in my head that want to remind me why I shouldn’t be at this point in my life right now.  This is all part of His gracious love for this undeserving daughter of His.  Does He see my failures and justify why it is okay for me to keep messing up and going my own way?  No, He loves me, but provides ways for me to grow.  That always includes showing me where the problems are.  Where I have failed.  Diagnosing the problem.  For that He often uses a mix of other broken people, His Word and prayer as well.  I am a broken person.  I am not an island.  He is both just and gracious.  The solution He has for my failure and sin is not only gracious, but just.

I am not losing weight to present a better face (body) to God or other people.  I’m losing it because I’m tired of walking around and getting short of breath, of having my clothes fit me uncomfortably, of setting myself up for more serious health issues in the future.  But I also hate being so “off balance”.

Now is the time to lose the weight…and keep it off.  It will reflect a more balanced life and I will not be thinking about food all the time because I am eating all the wrong foods.  It is also a time to say,”No” to some of my wants.  Time to say, “Yes” to healthier eating habits and choices that take better care of the body He has given me.  These will all be good things for me.

This week’s loss: 0.6 lbs.  Ugh!  It is coming off VERY slowly.  Another downside to being post-menopausal!

If this is a struggle of yours, join me in the loss…to gain balance!