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I am full!  (at the end of a meal)

You are full of it! (yes, it is a cleaned up version of other expressions, but still…)

I am full of love/joy/grief…

The gas tank is full.  (and the wallet is empty!)

Sometimes full means something wonderful and happy.  Sometimes something uncomfortable.  Sometimes something that can’t be expressed or measured accurately….

It does mean there is a lot of it, and often too much.  I can’t measure it. I don’t even know how to quantify it.  But it is there.

Right now, for me, my fullness relates to food.  I’ve been eating too much of it.  My body has been expanding and I have been putting off going on a diet.  My clothes no longer fit!

I have to cut back on portions, increase exercise, announce to my friends that I will start losing 15 pounds (ugh!) and becoming accountable.  Weight Watchers…here I come!  (I’m a lapsed lifetime member.)

I will save you the misery of photos of what I’m eating.  I’ll keep the counter on my blog.  (as the pounds drop.)  If you’re interested and want to do it with me…Feel free.  Let me know in the comments.  It is always more fun to have company when taking on a challenge.   The battle?  Saying “no” to myself!  I hate doing it…more than you know.

Maybe we can make this loss one that is full of fun…by doing it together.  Join me…if you are ready.


Image: winnond /