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It’s 5 Minute Friday!  Another week has flown by.  We’re about 3 weeks away from moving day…and don’t know where in Huntsville, AL we will be living.  ACK!  I hope we’ll know by this time next week.  Our house inspection was today and unless something major popped up on the radar, we will be able to breathe easy after Monday when the 10 days will be up for any changes on terms of the sale.

Today is GOOD Friday.

The events of this weekend that we commemorate are at the heart of the Christian faith.  They are:

  • Christ’s death on the Cross as the perfect sacrifice for all sin of all time.
  • His resurrection from the dead that showed He won the victory over sin, death…and evil!  This is BIG!

But back to the FMF rules.  They are as follows:

  • Write for 5 minutes.  That’s it.  Don’t edit much. They’d like us not to edit at all.
  • Link to LisaJoBaker’s FiveMinuteFriday page.
  • Most important, leave a message with the person ahead of you on the page…and anyone else you want to encourage.



This is my Body broken for you.

Jesus, King of Kings, Lord of Lords

Came to our world, our broken world.

And He was broken…for us!


He was broken by living in poverty.

Broken by being rejected by those He came to save.

Broken by the brokenness around Him.

And finally, broken by those who hated the truth of His words and life,

Who tortured and killed Him.


He didn’t deserve it.

He was innocent!

But in order for us to be

Alive in Christ…                                                                STOP


We had to give Him our brokenness, our broken list of attempts to do good.

We had to receive His gracious gift of forgiveness, the exchange of His perfect life for our broken one.

That gift that gave us new life.

The one that paid the price for ALL our sin.


This is my Body, broken for you

Take, eat in remembrance of me.