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Photo of Christmas tree with two photos of quilt blocks with red background.

Large photo by Canva. 2 smaller photos by Martha G. Brady. Template by Canva.

Today is a great day to enjoy sewing with a family member or friends, if you happen to be with some. If a group of you enjoy sewing, you might consider working on some projects in an assembly line process. One cutting out, another sewing, another ironing or splitting up the chores in another way. If you don’t all sew, one or two might cook, some might do the sewing projects and some the decorating ones. However you break up the jobs, involving younger children will make it fun and a learning experience too!

Find ways to use up your scrap fabric. The project below is one way, but there are many other ways linked to it.

Hopefully, you can use fabric from your stash in a creative way. If your stash is like mine, there is plenty of fabric to draw from. however, I am often far from home when I am sewing with family members. We often have to go to the store to pick up some fabric for the projects we want to do. I try to guess and take fabric with me, but it rarely is what is needed.

Find out what they are interested in learning before you leave home. What are their favorite colors? If they don’t have any ideas, offer them some options based on their lifestyle. Try to keep the first project simple. You want them to be able to finish it quickly and easily.

Most of all, enjoy your family today. enjoy the crafting, cooking, visiting, ball games And all the together time. Don’t expect it to be perfect. It won’t be. But it will be good.

The video below is one illustration of a way to use scrap fabric. It has links to other ways as well. If you google scrap fabric projects on either google or, you will more options.