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Five years of Kate Motaung on Five Minute Friday! What a treat you have been. It is truly a wonderful anniversary! I was here when you started hosting our group. I had been here for a few years by then. I have never been able to join the party beforehand, but I have written here for years! I don’t remember when I started.

Not long after Kate started here, she had a retreat near Nashville, TN. It wasn’t long after my husband had a stroke, but he was stable enough for me to leave and friends could look in on him. I lived about 2 hours away from the conference. It was a delightful weekend where i made some new blogging friends and learned more about blogging. It was a fun break. That weekend we wrote our Five Minute Friday post together, sitting in the same room.

FMF (our nickname for the group) is lots of fun. stop It’s a way to meet new people, keep up with old blogging friends…I still can’t believe that Andrew, our friend who has been dying of cancer the whole time, is still around! We have thought he was a goner more than once. But he still hangs on.

Sometimes, I have guest posted on others’ blogs, shared posts with them and gotten to know them better over the years by reading their posts. Some have moved on from FMF and on to other things. But somehow, FMF is still here, giving us ideas on how to improve our writing, how to grow our blogs, how to grow as women.

Thank you Kate, for your five minutes of influence each week…and for the influence of the others in the group as well! We appreciate you way more than we think to tell you.

The word for FMF today was “five” in honor of the five year anniversary of Kate Motaung’s hosting of the blog.