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Do you ever feel caught in the middle of all the people and circumstances grabbing for your attention? I have, at more than one stage of my life, in fact. Now, I’m in a new stage of competing demands. This time, I tend to feel more alone because I have to do all the things.In the past, I had another adult to ask for help or to bounce ideas off of for new ways of coping. But his memory is fading and is undependable. Some days he is able to discuss, but most days he isn’t.

Now I have to hang onto hope in ways I didn’t before. Hang onto hope? Yes. The hope that is confident expectation based on the person and promises of GOD. Recently, I have been thinking more about this definition of hope…and it is Biblical. Who is this GOD I say I believe in? STOP What has He promised in His Word? It has given more urgency to my Bible reading.

Do you feel caught in the middle of the demands of your life? Think about who GOD is and the promises GOD makes to His people. This is a place to find hope!