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Usually, when I do a 28 or 30 day series, I write like a crazy woman and let everything fall by the wayside. This week has been insane. We are trying to find a house. I won’t tell that story today, but we found a house we loved…but so did a bunch of other people! We went to see the house twice. Then a deadline was set for the offer…on a day when our agent was going to be out of town. It was wild!

As it turned out, ours wasn’t the best offer. so we didn’t get the house. There were 5 offers considered. We could have gone bigger on the offer, but there were a couple of down sides to the house. Not very many, but a few. That kept us from going wild.

This was the first house that we have looked at that we invested emotional energy in. The others got offers before we could make ours.

So I have missed writing for a few days. My brain is fried. Now I have to start over again. Still no house.

Taking a break to rest is important…whatever that looks like for you

Today, I took a break. I did some puttering around the house. I took a nap. I made sure to take Tylenol to keep my headache at bay. And I didn’t feel a bit guilty!l

I think it is helpful during seasons of overwhelming, to be sure make time for rest. It can be exhausting to be overwhelmed. Whether you feel overwhelmed by your life circumstances, taking the next step, a cluttered living area or life, or whatever your overwhelm is.

You need to take a break from it along the way. Maybe it is a day to just stop and not work on projects. Maybe it is an evening to take a break and go out to eat with friends. I don’t know what taking a break looks like for you. But you need to be sure to do it.

Even GOD took a break to rest after creating the world! I know it wasn’t because He got tired or stressed. I suspect it had much more to do with His wanting to set a pattern for humans. But we tend to think we need to just keep moving and pushing until all the work is done. It is so NOT true!

We need physical rest, but we also need emotional, mental and spiritual refreshment. In times of overwhelmed, we need wisdom to know where that refreshing is needed.

When we think of rest, we need to consider more than just sleep. We need physical rest for sure, but also emotional, mental, and spiritual refreshment are needed as well. So when you are struggling, don’t forget to get the need refreshment for yourself. It isn’t always physical sleep that you need. It may be that you need refreshing in other areas.

We can’t do it all. We need to trust GOD to do His part as well. He works to make many changes that we can’t. He provides energy when we don’t have any. He provides resources when we see none on the horizon. He meets needs that seem hopeless. The ways He provides what we need are often surprising and serendipitous.

Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.
Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me,
for I am gentle and lowly in heart,
and you will find rest for your souls.

Matthew 11:28-29 ESV