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Come to Me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest…I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.

photo: Prescott

Laboring, weariness, being heavy laden…It seems to come so easy!  Especially when I feel I have to do everything myself.  I’m responsible to get everything done.

But, is that true?  My mind needs a tune-up with the truth!

The truth is this:  The God who created the universe, the One who is eternal, all powerful, all-knowing,  and all-present.

  • He is the one who can manage it all.
  • He can run the world.  
  • He can manage my life.
  • He can carry the burdens that need to be carried.
  • He can show me which ones don’t need to be carried by me anymore.

Are there people around me not taking responsibility because I’m doing it all?  They aren’t growing because I’m not allowing them to.

  • Am I resentful because my spouse or children aren’t intuitive enough to “know what needs to be done”?  Not everyone is intuitive in the ways we want them to be.
  • I need to ask kindly and train them respectfully  (sarcasm is not respectful!).  Only I can change my attitude and the ways I relate to the people around me.
  • Most of all, I need to take my burdens to God.  Only He can change the hearts of the people around me.

I am guilty of not doing this often enough.  I’m more likely to take the really big things, like the ultimate salvation of my loved ones, life and death issues and acute, dramatic problems to Him.

But not the everyday things, like my mouth, my attitude, their day-to-day spiritual growth, changes that need to happen in them that only He can bring about.  However, the everyday things become big when we don’t take them to Him soon enough.

I need the kind of rest that only He can give.  That inner rest that lets me know that everything is truly taken care of.  He has it all in control.  Can I trust Him?  Do I?  How about you?


**This is part of the 5 minute Friday series from Gypsy Mama.  What do we do?  We write for 5 minutes!  Then I read it over for typos, making sure it makes sense!  I add my links and a photo and it is on its way.  Take a look at the link to see the other articles that have been sent in on today’s subject-REST.