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How do you bless one mom? I think it may have happened tonight. I can brag on those who did it because I wasn’t one of the organizers…but let me back up.

Tonight some women had a shower for a mom who is going to have baby #3. But it wasn’t a shower like most. She didn’t feel the need for a lot of gifts. She already has a boy. This is baby boy #2 who is coming. This was a prayer shower. I loved the idea when I heard about it.

As it turned out, this has been a very busy week. But tonight has been an oasis in my week…of blessing and delight! Most of the women there were moms of young kids. That still put them at quite an age range. Then there was the hostess who is closer to my age, the mother of the pregnant mom, a few of her friends from outside the church, and the rest of us who are from the same church. I’m guessing there were about 20 of us.   stop

We nibbled on goodies and visited, spread out over two rooms. Then we gathered in one room for a short devotional. It was very unique, to say the least! Our leader had funny music to make her point as well as women who helped. Then others of us read Scripture as well. We ended with the mom telling us what she needed prayer for.

Then we prayed for her, the baby, and their family. Many prayers went up for them as many in the room prayed aloud.

It was good to be reminded again of the assault that childbirth is on a woman’s body, emotions and psyche…and to pray for her and the fears that can plague at times

It dawned on me that so often, we gloss over the grueling aspects of both the 9 months of pregnancy as well as those early weeks of motherhood because of our excitement about the new baby. In doing that, we ignore the fears that nag at us in those later weeks of pregnancy. Then when all those things hit, we are taken by surprise. Often, first time moms are totally shocked. They haven’t heard much conversation about this before.

It dawned on me that so often, we gloss over the grueling aspects of those early weeks of motherhood because of our excitement about the new baby. We need the prayers of our sisters. Click To Tweet

This mom mentioned the many things that she remembers from the discomfort of those early weeks after childbirth to the fears of how the new baby will fit into their family. These are the things that hound us and add to our weariness. They also make it a difficult time emotionally as well. She listed quite a few of the areas that we all remember well. She mentioned them with great humor, but the truth of it all hit me.

All these years later, I still remember how jarring that time was…mixed with pain, discomfort and deep weariness from not getting enough sleep. Those days were not easy. If I had realized how quickly they would pass, I think I would have been able to endure them them much easier…but it always felt as if they would continue indefinitely in one long blur!

It was difficult for us to leave. The visiting and true fellowship continued. We were putting on our coats, yet still chatting. It was a very sweet evening. I’m so glad to be part of this group of women. What a delight!

Fear not, for I am with you;
    be not dismayed, for I am your God;
I will strengthen you, I will help you,
    I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

Isaiah 41:10 ESV