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I’m revisiting most of a post from this past Christmas when I was grieving…deeply! It was a sad, dark Christmas. I know how it feels to be sad at the wrong time of year. I’m sure some of you do too. But as daughters of Christ, we often ask ourselves, how is our grief is different?

The pain of it is often the same as that of those around us. Sometimes that is what can be confusing. We sometimes think we shouldn’t hurt as much or maybe be above the hurts and pains of those who don’t know Christ!

This is just not true. We all live in a broken, fallen world. We all experience pain and loss no matter what our beliefs are. The difference is that if we are in Christ, we have comfort available from Him, His Word and His people. We have prayer to access Him for comfort, a source of wisdom and to meet our needs of all kinds. It is a vast resource for sure. But does it give us painless grief? NO!

We are still human. Walking through the grief process will always be painful. It will also take us through the gamut of many other emotions as well.

Personally, I have had a knot in the pit of my stomach and a non-stop headache for days. I’m not sure how sadness and grief affect you. Sometimes, it affects me physically, at others, it is more emotional…a feeling a of deep sadness. At others, it can be a “feeling” of numbness or even emptiness. Watching people around you be happy and cheerful…or fake it, is just more distressing.

I have been trying to remind myself of the Gospel that I have been talking about the last few months. It helps, but it often feels like I am repeating words over and over. I know they are true words. I think they will sink in soon, but I can’t deny that they often feel empty.

  • Your righteousness is in Christ. It is secure. There is nothing you can do to earn it. You don’t have to fight to keep it.  Galatians 2:21 ESV, Isaiah 64:6 ESV
  • As a Christian, You are now a daughter with status. You are not an orphan who has to fend for yourself. Your heavenly Father loves you and has provided all you need to care for you.  Romans 8:32 ESV, II Peter 1:3 ESV

I used to wonder why the Psalms were so often random…bouncing from asking GOD what He was doing, being angry with Him, to trusting in Him? I’m getting it. Grieving brain is crazy. It is moving a million miles an hour. It is trying to make sense of all that is happening. It is feeling anger, sadness, faith, and a million other feelings and thoughts all at once.

I can only put them into words one at a time. Let’s face it, the Psalms are expressions of emotion pure and simple, but faith shows up in the middle of all the craziness if we are in Christ. It is not the faith of stoics, but that of people who feel and question, of those who struggle with GOD!

That is what my prayers sound like. They are so random and wild. At one moment, I think I know how to pray, the next, I am contradicting myself and have no idea!

To know that Immanuel, GOD with us, is not just a message for Christmas, it is a truth for everyday. That is comforting.

Right now, I am in a dark hole. The message of Immanuel, GOD with us, is very comforting. It isn’t just for Christmas. To know He was willing, not only to leave the glories of heaven to come to earth for me and my sin, but is also willing to come to my dark hole to be with me in my grief and pain? That is immensely comforting.

I don’t want others to see me like this. I go out of my way to show my joyful side to people. But He knows the depths of my pain better than I do. He knows the tangles of that knot in my stomach, that knot in my neck that I can hardly face untangling myself.

The message of Immanuel, GOD with us, is very comforting. To know he was willing, not only to leave the glories of heaven to come to earth for my sin, but is also willing to come to my dark hole to be with me in it? Click To Tweet

I don’t want people to be pulled down when they are around me. That goes for my family and friends. I have friends that know that side of me for sure! But who wants to be hanging out with a sad, gloomy old woman? Exactly! It’s my job to comfort and encourage. I don’t want to drag everyone down with me when I experience times like this. It’s not that I’m dishonest with everyone. I’m just not telling all the truth all the time. I tell it when I’m asked.

The final chapter hasn’t been written…it is going to be stunning!

Fortunately, the final chapter of the story hasn’t been written. There is a day coming when all will be made right. This broken world will be finished. GOD will make a new heaven and new earth for His people. There will be true peace. Death and crying will be no more. And that is our hope. This veil of tears is ever so temporary. Hallelujah!

New song, to me. I loved the words!

This past Sunday, I was introduced to a beautiful song by Chris Rice. It isn’t very new. It’s just that I had never heard it. The last verse is gold. I’d like to share it with you today as I close this disjointed post. Sunday, the song couldn’t have come at a better time.

Tears are falling, hearts are breaking
How we need to hear from God
You’ve been promised, we’ve been waiting
Welcome, Holy Child
Welcome, Holy Child

Hope that You don’t mind our manger
How I wish we would have known
But long-awaited, Holy Stranger
Make Yourself at home
Please make Yourself at home

Bring Your peace into our violence
Bid our hungry souls be filled
Word now breaking heaven’s silence
Welcome to our world
Welcome to our world

Fragile finger sent to heal us
Tender brow prepared for thorn
Tiny heart whose blood will save us
Unto us is born
Unto us is born

So wrap our injured flesh around You
Breathe our air and walk our sod
Rob our sin and make us holy
Perfect Son of God
Perfect Son of God