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photo: canva

I’ve decided to refine my body this year. (And no, that is not a photo of me!) It has gotten very out of shape in bad ways. I started exercising before the end of last year along with Ron. At the beginning of the new year, I started attending a nutrition course. I have learned a lot!

I knew some about nutrition from my nursing, but the rules have changed so much over the years that it has become very confusing. I have gotten so I don’t even know what is good to eat anymore!

So now I am learning. I’m on week 2. I haven’t been deluged with information…fortunately. We get it in bite-sized pieces and work on our new information that week. So far it has been very helpful.

I learn, put into practice and build on it.     stop

It has been a very helpful class for me. It is small (4-6) and we encourage each other. I’ve learned about foods I didn’t even know existed.

So I'm getting refined in new ways...and hopefully will become healthier. Click To Tweet

So I’m getting refined in new ways…and hopefully will become healthier. I think I’ll lose some weight too! Meanwhile, my body and my mind are becoming refined. My eating habits are slowly changing.

 I can do all things through him who strengthens me.

Philippians 4:13