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photo & graphics: Martha G. Brady

photo & graphics: Martha G. Brady

In times of emergency, I often want to hide.

I was never an Intensive Care nurse.

I’m not comfortable with codes.

I never worked in places where they were done all the time.

They were never routine for me.

Despite all the warnings and practice sessions, I’m never quite comfortable.

And so, I prefer to hide when those emergencies that are a challenge, come my way.


But this week was different. It wasn’t a code…where someone’s heart had stopped.

It was my husband…showing classic signs of a stroke in the bathroom.

He was puzzled that he couldn’t tie the string on the pajama pants he was wearing.

When I got up to find out what was delaying him,

I saw that he was unable to control his left arm and hand.

That left hand kept getting in his way instead of helping him!


“Look at me!” I barked. “Smile.” (I was now in full nurse mode.)

His grimace was crooked.

“Stick out your tongue!” It veered a little to the left.

“Honey, I think you’re having a stroke.”

I got him out of the bathroom and to the bed.


All he wanted was a glass of water.

“No!” I said. “Not now. You might choke on it.”

But all he wanted was water.

So I reneged and allowed him to swish some in his mouth.

He seemed puzzled at my concern.


Get to the hospital fast…

with med list, insurance info & ID.

This is an emergency!

Once in bed, he dropped back to sleep as I rushed to dress,

Grab his medication list, insurance information and ID…

Calling our local daughter Holly, for help to get him to the hospital on the run.

Then I got him dressed. By that time she was there.


He was stronger by then and more alert.

(In your situation, calling 911 might be the best plan.)

So getting him to the car wasn’t as difficult as I anticipated.

Then we were on our way to the hospital.

We were there by 5:30. All those events took place in a 1/2 hour!



When we arrived at the ER, a group of workers swarmed us like bees

Getting him admitted and worked up.

In no time, the IV was in, blood drawn, they had his med list,

Multiple questions were asked of him and me, and his neuro assessment was started.

Before long, he was off to CT for a scan…and by then, our pastor had come…

And our daughter had gone to work!

We visited for awhile (a great distraction for me) and when Ron returned, he prayed with us


GOD’s loving touch was sprinkled throughout that day…

and since!

What a comfort!

And that is what the day was like…all day.

The loving touch of GOD showed up all day like bright glints of light

Or even cold drinks of water to a parched soul.

Yes, we were tired and weary.

But all day long, GOD sent elders or friends from our church to drop in to pray with us.


What comfort they were. One was a doctor on his rounds.

Another was a friend who came by shortly after I went home for a break.

Shortly after supper our small group came by for a short visit. They circled the bed.

A few of them prayed for Ron and me.

Then Ron prayed at the end.

The nurse caring for the patient in the next bed came out and thanked us for the prayers.

She was touched by them.

She was a dear sweet nurse to Ron all night when he was sick.


It was a day that was hard for sure.

But we couldn’t hide from the loving touch of GOD that came from people…

In person, on Facebook, on the phone, by texts!

It was especially wonderful to have local family nearby to call on.

Having Holly (our daughter) be a physical therapist has just been icing on the cake!


Where have you seen GOD’s loving touch lately?

Has it been in the middle of hard times too?

Getting completed posts up during Ron’s hospitalization and recovery was difficult. I wrote them but they didn’t have pictures or the final finishing touches. So I’m now getting a chance to share them with you now. This was written the day after his stroke…April 23, 2015. The stroke was April 22, 2015. 

Photo above is Ron walking with Holly, his IV, and telemetry in the gown pocket.

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