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photo: Martha G. Brady & canva

photo: Martha G. Brady & canva

Tomorrow I will be meeting my future.

Well, the next step of it anyway.

Ron had a stroke about 2  1/2 weeks ago.

It is called a lacunar infarct…in the right basal ganglia.


It is a scary place to have a stroke.

They can’t always be sure what your future holds after the stroke.

So it was helpful that he was able to get 2 weeks of in house, residential therapy.

Tomorrow, he will leave that program.


Then he will start the less intensive out patient therapy.             STOP

At this point, He seems happy this stage is coming.

He describes his discharge as “escaping”


We have now escaped and are home.

Yes, I had to do this in two sittings.

I was falling asleep last night.

He is loving being home for good.

He ate lunch and both of us fell asleep!


Great start wasn’t it?

So we are meeting our future.

We have no idea what it holds.

But the doctor told us last night that Ron far exceeded their hopes

For his therapy.


I am thankful. I had no indication they were so pessimistic.

Ron has worked hard.

But I also think GOD has been doing some healing work.

And for that, I am very thankful!


Thankful for the prayers of GOD’s people.

Thankful for His providence.

For now, He has chosen to keep Ron with us

In a good state of mind.

It is no small thing.