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You must be kidding! Yes, there is a happily ever after…but not in this life.

Are there 5 neat steps to it? Are there 5 neat steps to anything?

Not very often.

This is real life. This is not a fairy tale.

So now that we are on the same page and living in the real world…let’s talk.


It is possible to live a joyful, contented life in this world.

No, it won’t be trouble-free. It will not be neat and tidy.

It will have its share of messes.


The starting place is where we center our hearts.

I find it more helpful to think of our lives in terms of a pie rather than a list.

Instead of having GOD as #1 on the priority list

which can get quite confusing if you have young children,

or a job, or multiple responsibilities…

Thinking of it as a pie is much more helpful.


He is the center of the pie. Each slice has Him as part of it.

It isn’t a perfect illustration either, but with small children,

There are times when they have to take the top priority.

Then the mom feels guilty and thinks she is a terrible christian.

The same goes for jobs, chores, responsibilities, education, and you name it!


The priority list is a difficult illustration!

Accept it. Toss it out and grab another one.

And realize it is only an illustration!

I personally found the pie much more helpful.

In this picture, Jesus is the center part with the mix of blueberries and strawberries!

If it helps you, go for it! It is definitely more tasty!


If you have gotten this far and disagree with my whole premise about GOD…

Well, I’m shocked that you lasted this long.

But hanging in for another minute or two shouldn’t hurt.


Our settled relationship with GOD is primary to a joyful, satisfied life.

Knowing our eternal state is settled gives amazing security in this life.

Knowing we are accepted and forgiven completely and forever?

That gives an even deeper level of feeling safe and secure.


The steps to anything near happily ever after will not be neat and tidy.

For some they will not even look like steps…they will be so gradual.

For others, they will be more step-like but spread over time.

For others still, they will seem step-like at times, at others much more gradual.


We can talk about some of the stages. But to start with, GOD is step one.

He has to be. You can say you don’t believe in Him…or aren’t certain.

But step out at night and look at His handiwork.

Honestly, where else could such an intricate, planned universe have come from?



As we learn more and more about human cells and the detail found in them…

DNA and the material that is even smaller?

Logic tells us that couldn’t have just happened by chance.

It’s impossible!


The truth of Colossians 1:15-17 is staring us in the face!

He not only created everything, He is holding it together!

It’s all a huge miracle. We know more about science than we ever did.

But with each new discovery of order and detail, come more and more questions!

Isn’t that just like GOD?


He shows Himself to those who will see.

To those who refuse to see, they are still able to continue living with their eyes blinded

To the truth of GOD…that He loves them. That He even exists!

That He cares for them…to the point of death.

So He can offer the free gift of Life!


Is GOD central to your life?


Is He part of all of your life,

or does He just take up a couple of slices?