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photo: Martha G. Brady

photo: Martha G. Brady

The Lord your GOD will fight for you! WOW! This Scripture isn’t telling us just not to be afraid. It says, “Don’t be afraid BECAUSE:

  • I, the Lord am going ahead of you and will fight for you just as I did in Egypt.
  • I will care for you just as I did in the desert where I tenderly cared for you as a father would.
  • 38 years ago, your parents didn’t believe in me. They didn’t trust me when I said I would take care of them and lead them into the promised land. Now you have the chance to obey me…to trust in me after I carried you like a father in the desert…for 38 years! I took care of all your needs. Now you know you can trust me.

We are studying Deuteronomy in our Bible study on Thursdays. It’s not one of those books you think will be practical and down-to-earth, is it? But it is! It’s about GOD’s promises, people failing to believe them, punishment, consequences, obedience, contentment, consequences and so on and so on.

Israel is waiting on the verge of going into the land of Canaan as Moses recounts their history of failure, success and mostly the graciousness and faithfulness of GOD over the past 38 years! At the end of this book, Moses will go up on the mountain and die and be buried by GOD.

We have just started the book, and it is very encouraging! Despite repated failure on the part of the people of GOD, GOD remains faithful and gracious to His people.

Where do you find hope in this passage?