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photo: weekly snaps

photo: weekly snaps


This is a familiar verse for sure! But what is it really talking about?

For those of you who are weary and burdened. The place to go is Jesus.

Are you burdened about the state of your Christian life?

That is a burden you don’t need to carry.

Take it to Jesus.

He offers rest for your soul.

What advantage is it for a Child of GOD,

if you are spending all your time worrying about the fact that you aren’t a good enough Christian?

Doesn’t that seem sad for you to carry that kind of burden?

Don’t you think it would sadden your heavenly Father to have one of His children live more like an orphan than an actual child of His?

Yes, I know you have probably thought of this passage only in terms of hard times and difficulties.

It certainly applies there.

But more recently, I have heard it applied to the burden of trying to live the Christian life well…

and being worn out doing it!

Who is better at living out the Christian life for me than Jesus?

He lived a perfect life for the 33 years he was here on earth.

He is changing us to conform us to the image of Christ. He knows best what that is.

Instead of burdening ourselves with trying to live the Christian life, let’s just go to Jesus.

Take on the yoke He gives us...not the heavy one we put on ourselves.

It is in His presence, under His yoke, that we will find soul rest.

Isn’t that what we need and desire?

What do you need to bring to Jesus?

Where do you need to take on His yoke

and lay down your burden?


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