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photo: welch

photo: welch

Sunday afternoon we had our annual 0.5 K race at church.

It has become an annual thing.

All ages and sizes enter in different categories.


There is a 60+ category, women, men, children, teens

And even a category for style.

You may not come in first, but you could still win for your style.


As you can imagine, it isn’t a horribly serious race for the most part.

Some of us mostly walked it.

It is a great way to get to know others from our church however.

photo: welch

photo: welch


One story this year was about two races.

Evan is a young mom who won the women’s race.

She has two little girls…3 and nearly 1.

She loves to run.                              STOP

In fact, the first four women to place were all moms.


It was fun for Evan to win the race.

We were visiting later over snacks.

Watching the children play.

Little did we know that about 24 hours later they would be involved in another race!


During a softball game the next day, their 3 year old Carlie was hit in the head

with a foul ball that went awry and was knocked out.

After being seen in the ER and scanned, it was determined that she had a skull fracture.

They needed to take her to Birmingham (about 2 hours away).

Evan went in the ambulance to be near Carlie if she woke, while her husband followed in the car


As they raced to Birmingham, AL.

Texts and emails as well as phone calls were sent by all to friends and acquaintances to pray for Carlie.

Then, it was just waiting.


About 4:30 in the morning, Carlie woke up and told her mom that the wire on her foot was uncomfortable.

As you can imagine, there were lots of wires connected to her.

She got up and went to the bathroom.  Had something to eat and drink.

Then settled down to watch a cartoon.


From then on, she was cognizant of what was happening.

There was no bleeding on her brain.

She just had a big purple shiner on that eye.

By supper time that night, they were released from the hospital and on their way back to Huntsville.


What an answer to prayer…not only that they were given their daughter back

But that GOD was able to give them peace since they could only wait while she laid in the bed unconscious.

What a finish line to cross!


Thank you GOD for your protection this time.

Thank you for giving Evan and her husband the peace and calm they needed

When they needed it.

Thank you that you hear the prayers of your people!

The answers don’t always have the same result, but you still love and care for us just the same!


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