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photo: © Chepko Danil -

photo: © Chepko Danil –

That precious memory triggers another:

your honest faith—

and what a rich faith it is,

handed down from your grandmother Lois

to your mother Eunice,

and now to you!  

II Timothy 1:5 (The Message)

What better legacy than to have a faith passed down from our moms (and dads), proved genuine by their examples.  In this case, Timothy’s mom was married to a man who did not share her faith.

So I encourage those of you who feel your job is too difficult, too impossible, too hopeless.  This woman raised her son in the ways of GOD and he grew up to be a leader in the early church!  And by the way, you are right!  It is all of those things…for all of us.  Sometimes we are wise enough to realize it.  Sometimes we aren’t.

If you were doing it alone, it would be impossible, but GOD is at work too.  You are in a church and can ask for help from the men in your church to be involved with your sons so they can see what other christian men are like as well as other christian women for your daughters.  Become part of the lives of christian families who can love and pray for your kids as well.

Are you helping other families pass on a legacy of faith to their children?

Are you asking for help from others in your church to help encourage your children to grow in their faith?