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photo: Martha G. Brady

photo: Martha G. Brady


This morning, I looked out my window and saw a beautiful wonderland.

Snow covered every surface outside.

All the trees looked like lace, with snow and ice clinging to each tiny detail.

All the deadness was covered over with a beautiful white, glistening blanket.

It was a delight to see as the rising sun glistened on the melting drops of snow and ice.


Tonight, most of the snow is gone, thanks to above freezing temperatures and a clear, sunny day.

After weeks of frigid days and these few days of snow, I’m ready for spring…

When grass starts turning green again…and buds appear on the plants.

When flowers start to open and bloom and nature seems to come to life again.

When we plant seeds or seedlings in the garden…and vegetables grow to sustain us.     STOP


This is what I love.

Watching and waiting, watering and weeding, as growth takes place.

Depending on the weather, growth will happen at this season’s own speed.

But the joy of watching life begin and grow and develop.

Is there anything more miraculous?

Anything more stunning to see?


It makes no difference if it is a plant or a person.

Growth in the garden of life is a miracle.

GOD grows the plants.

I, as the gardener have the responsibility to tend them.


I carry out my responsibility.  GOD carries out His.

His part is the miraculous part. He changes hearts.

Mine is merely the opportunity to observe close-hand what He is doing.


Thank you GOD.  It is both a privilege and a joy to watch You work.

It is also a beautiful and creative work You are doing!


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