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minimangerThis nativity set is so small, it fits on a large pillar candle holder.  It is nearly the size of a saucer.  I used to set all the little pieces out but the first child who came along helped me decide that I needed it to be on a small “plate”.  That way I could pick up all the pieces quickly if they weren’t appropriate for small children.

Another reason I like this set is because small children can hold and touch it.  These pieces don’t break!  Children are very tactile, as most of you know all too well!  Combining the stories that go with the Christmas story…and there are MANY…give more and more mental “hooks” for them to hang their faith on.

Obviously, a 2 year old won’t understand all the prophecies.  They will understand the simple story of what happened on the night Jesus was born.  With each year however, more layers can be added to that story incorporating Old Testament prophecies, the story of Redemption that started in Genesis 3:15 and carries on through Abraham, the rite of circumcision,  the sacrificial system and on until Jesus arrived in Bethlehem.  I guess that is what is great about the story.  It grows with the child.

 Are you growing in your experience of Christmas with your family or are you still doing the same things you did when they were little?

Maybe your teens are having trouble seeing God as someone who is relevant to them because they are still celebrating Christmas as a “Birthday party for Jesus”.  That isn’t a bad thing necessarily for a 2 year old or even a 6 or 8 year old.  But can you see how a 16 year old might have difficulty seeing how a “baby” is relevant to him/her?

Consider passages like Philippians 2:5-13 or John 1:1-14 or even Colossians 1:15-20.  Questions about the descriptions of Jesus in Colossians who was involved in creation, holding all things together…etc.  Think of how those passages can open up who JESUS is to a teen or young adult child!!

Asking some of these questions at mealtime can open up interesting discussion…especially if you make a point to LISTEN to your quieter children…and not rush to correct each inaccuracy so they can think aloud.  I only mention this because it is a natural tendency for me!

Point them to Scripture.  Use it as the authority (which it is!) so that when they ask questions based on what they read there that don’t square with family practice, you stop and consider their questions.  Encourage them to look and compare scripture with scripture.

Don’t rush to answer their questions.  Ask them questions.  Help them find answers.  Don’t try to prove your rightness and their wrongness based on your family practice.  Work together to find truth in GOD’s Word.  It is there!

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