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We are now starting our second week and day 8 of our 31 day adventure.  I’d love to hear more comments from you re whether what I am saying is helping in your quest to grow up. We aren’t discussing whether that quest is voluntary or involuntary…all you need is the realization that it is needed!

My other question I need your response to is in what areas do you feel the need for help?  I may be speaking to areas you don’t even feel a need and your felt need is somewhere else completely.  Let me know.  I may be able to speak to it.  As I have mentioned, I am still in the growing up process and I am in my 6th decade so it is something that will continue through life.

Now, the topic for today is perseverence.  Please don’t all of you run off!  I know.  It’s not one of those fun topics to read about.  It’s the one that says, no matter what, keep on keeping on!  That’s one we don’t enjoy hearing about for sure!

Who wants to spend a day with crying children, dirty dishes, thankless housework to be given the advice…persevere?  None of us do.  You probably want to slap me in the face!  But persevering through housework, dirty diapers, cleaning up messes, and all that goes with raising little kids?  That will grow you up faster than anything I know.


The expectation that you will be thanked for all that work that doesn’t show, yet keeps the family running smoothly…it’s not going to happen very often, maybe never.  It certainly won’t happen as often as you would like!  When you add in days that you are sick, have miserable cramps, morning sickness or don’t feel you can move another step?  That’s when it takes perseverance.  You have to keep at it…at least the basics of feeding babies, making sure they are safe…Someone has to do it.  As the mom, you are the one who is elected.

I always think of perseverance and the mindset that goes with it, in association with a marathon race.  That is a race that will challenge every resource a person has.  They can train and train for it.  But still, it will take every ounce of mental and physical toughness to finish the race.


The finishing of the race is an accomplishment.  People who finish marathons talk a lot more about the fact that they finished the race than what their times were.  They did it…they finished the race…they persevered…through the muscle cramps, the times when they could barely move, the heat, the dryness, the mental challenges when they wanted to give up.  They finished the race through all the challenges.

That is what we are to do as we live our lives.   It isn’t just a physical challenge.  It is a mental and spiritual challenge as well.


Take a few minutes the think about areas in your life where you need to persevere.  Write them down and make them a matter of prayer, asking GOD to work perseverance into your life.  Pay attention to one area that you see as most important for now.  Ask for GOD’s help in growing in this area.  Yes, there will be times of failure.  But you will also see encouraging signs that He is working in you…and changing you too!