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Have you ever seen anything more obnoxious than someone who is spoiled?  …especially if they are adults?  What, about them, makes them so obnoxious?  Isn’t it the fact that they have so much and seem totally unaware of how blessed they are?

Instead of realizing how good they have it, all they can think about is the fact that they don’t a fancier this or a more sophisticated that or a better something else.  They are miserable because of what they don’t have despite the fact that they have an abundant supply of so much!

Turning the spoiled brat into an Appreciator

Sadly, I have seen this in myself!  And have had to admit that I was the spoiled brat!  I was the one who wasn’t a grown up.  It wasn’t that I wasn’t acting like one, but deep in my heart I was being a 2 year old having a tantrum!

Part of the growing up process for me was in learning to appreciate how many good things I have been blessed with.  As I learn to appreciate what I have and stop moaning over the fact that there are things I’d like to have, I can learn to be grateful.  For example: I have a good car that functions well and dependably.  No, it isn’t a Mercedes.  But I can do well in this car.  It is a decent and reliable car.  It is a great provision.

Realizing the gifts I have ultimately come from GOD!

The mature person is thankful to GOD for the gifts He gives…for the fact that He provides our needs and then some.  We take for granted the many gifts we have until we don’t have them: a job, good health, enough food to eat, a home to live in…  This is a much healthier place to live…where we can be grateful for the things GOD has provided rather than look with envy at what He has given others and wish for them…when we don’t really need them.


Sit down today, and on a regular basis and list the things you are grateful for.  Stop to think about the fact that many in the world don’t have as much as you…and you take much of it for granted.  Gratefulness is not only meant to be enjoyed…as in “thanks for all these wonderful things you have given me and mine.  Now I am going to hoard them!”

Gratefulness is also meant so we can be aware of how much we are blessed with…and look to our comparative wealth to see what we can share with others in need.