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fearWhat part does fear play in the decisions you make?

I’m not talking about healthy fear for safety. The “fear” that causes you to take major decisions seriously and examine many sides to decisions and how it will affect your family and loved ones as well as yourself.

There is, of course, a healthy fear of GOD that is needed when making decisions that causes you to bow before Him, the only source of wisdom.  You don’t know all that He is planning for your life aside from the broad strokes of growing you into someone who is holy, set aside for His glory.

What I’m talking about is decisions that are run by fear!

In order to show what I’m talking about, I’ll illustrate.

“We’re trying to decide what to do about x but one set of parents don’t think it is a good idea.”

“I’m not sure whether to marry y.  He is a believer.  We have a lot in common and I think I love him. But maybe I won’t feel that way in 2 years.  Then what will I do?”

“I have a decision to make.  I’m just not sure what the right decision is.  It is not wrong according to the Bible.  The wise people in my life see the decision as having positives and negatives on both sides.  They recommend that I continue to move in the direction I see GOD leading me.  But how can I know for sure that this is the right way to go?”

Many of you can identify with some aspect of one of these illlustrations.  Decisions, especially big, far-reaching ones, are hard.  At some point, we must either take a jump in the dark, hanging onto the hand of GOD as tightly as we can… or become paralyzed with the fear of the immensity of the decision.  The second “decision” IS a decision, it is the decision not to move forward…but to stand paralyzed with indecision and fear!

As those who are in Christ, we have some incredible promises!

These are just a few of the teachings about GOD’s guidance.  I’m hoping I haven’t taken any out of context.  Some of the principles found here are certainly that

  • We are to be seeking GOD first.

  • That we are to be trusting Him, not the voice of fear that may be in our head…whether it is fear of people, outcomes, comfort, success/failure, etc.  The results are up to GOD.  Is this the way He wants you to go?  He will make it clear.
  • If you are being pressured to make a decision NOW, take a pause…even if it is a day.  Being pressured to make a decision that you aren’t comfortable making is NOT the way to go.  Make a way to give yourself some time to think about it, pray over it…and maybe even talk to a wise godly person or two for insight.  Of course, you need to be honest as well.
  • Then move out in faith that GOD is leading you…whether to marry, change jobs, or something that seems much less monumental!

Will everything work out and your life be a perfect walk in the park?

Probably not!  We live in a fallen world.  When things don’t go smoothly, when they are downright difficult, those are the times GOD will show HIS sufficiency.  He will show Himself strong in your life just as He has mine.  Difficult outcomes don’t mean the decision was wrong.  It may have been, but it also may be the path GOD wanted you to travel in your growth in grace.

Those are the times GOD will prove Himself in amazing ways!

When I am afraid, I put my trust in you.

 In God, whose word I praise,

    In God I trust; I shall not be afraid.

What can flesh do to me?

Psalm 56:3-4