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Today was an interesting day at church.  We honored some beginnings and some endings…or rather transitions.  It seems that life is full of both!


photo: {Stevie and "little sister}

We had a new mother whose baby was baptized.    She recently repented and came back to the Lord shortly after she discovered she was pregnant.  A few weeks before she had the baby, she rejoined the church (she had moved away for awhile and joined somewhere else).  Then lost her way for awhile.  Her baby is darling and in more than one way, it was a sign of new beginnings for her.  Times won’t always be easy for her as she raises her daughter alone, but she is near family, with a job and community of support.  sorry, no photo.


We also said, “Good-bye.”  A family that has been here for 6 years ministering to college students at two local colleges is moving to Mississippi where he will be campus pastor at a different college.  We had a lunch at church to say, “Good-bye.  We love you.”  They were also given a gift from the church as well.

When they moved here, they had two children I think…or had their second soon after they arrived.  (I wasn’t here then.)   Now they have four children and are moving away…back to where they lived when they were in seminary.  We will miss Dominique and Jeff.  They were the first Reformed University Ministry (RUF) staff members who were in this town.  They developed the work here.  They came right from seminary.  They learned a lot and ministered to students here.  We will miss their family a lot.  sorry, no photo.


And on to another beginning…sitting with us in the congregation this morning was a new couple in town.  Brittany and Dan.  Dan just graduated from seminary.  They have a young son.   He is the new RUF staff member to replace Jeff.  We look forward to what GOD is going to do through their ministry in this town over the next few years.  They will be different from Jeff and Dominique and  RUF will develop in some different directions, but it will be good.  sorry no photo.


photo: {Anabella Dawn with new hat!}

Of course, I can’t talk about beginnings without talking about our new granddaughter.  Her name is Anabella Dawn.  She is our seventh grandchild, 5th granddaughter.

There was confusion over her birthweight.  The scale in the delivery room in the morning said “6 lbs. 12 oz.”  However, that evening, in the nursery and after urinating a couple of times and pooping about 4 times, she weighed 7 lbs. 1 oz.  At no time during her hospital stay did she weigh less than 6 lbs. 13 oz.  so my guess is that she weighed closer to 7 1/2 lbs.  It was funny that the discrepancy was the way it was…it will make an interesting story for her for sure:)

She has taken to eating very well and she sleeps well between feedings.  Sometimes, she is just awake and looking around.  But, when she is hungry, she opens her mouth, curls her lower lip and lets out a big loud bawl!  She eats, sometimes burps and is done with it.  Then she is off to sleep.  She has been very kind to her mom…dad and brother for sure:)  Hopefully, it will last.


In one sense, we have the opportunity to look on each day as a new beginning…an opportunity to make a new start!  So think about it as you start a new day.  

Because of Christ, you can start each day as if it were a new beginning…even if the day is partly finished!

Forgiveness is a wonderful way to make a fresh start…and bring an end to a bad past.