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I had other plans for today’s post.  But this morning, when I was catching up on my email and bumping into a few posts here and there, I ran into my friend Danielle’s post.  It is a great one!  It speaks to contentment.

It is also a beautiful post!  She has great pictures and writes well.  Particularly if you are a housewife,  take 5 minutes to read what she has to say.  You will be encouraged…and before you leave, write a short comment to thank her for her blog…or let her know you appreciated her words (if you did).

She is my sister in Christ near Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  I will be seeing her soon at the Relevant Conference.  She is delightful…also a pastor’s wife!


**I don’t have pictures today, only links to them.  If you go to the Relevant link above, watch the left frame at the top of the page.  Danielle is the one holding a red and yellow flower.  As it flashes by, you’ll see yours truly in a group of 5 models.  Yes, I’m the flabby one!