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This is the name of a conference I will be attending this week.  You can take a look at the link.


The main speaker is Nancy Guthrie who will be teaching us three times.  But one of the parts I also enjoy about these conferences is that there are great seminars as well!  To say nothing of the music and running into friends from all parts of my life!  I never know who I will run into.

The other fun part will be that this year, I will be riding over with 7 others from my church.  Two are the daughters of our Associate Pastor’s wife (who is also going) and the rest are women from our church here.  We will be going in two cars..large ones:)

If we come to your mind, you can pray for us. We will leave on Thursday morning.  I never assume we will arrive safely.ever!  It is about a 12 hour trip, but there are way too many things that can go wrong.  (My Eeyore mind can go there very easily!)  We need prayer for travel safety.  However, that is a minor request in the overall scheme of things.

We need prayer that our hearts will be tender toward God. and His Word.  It is easy to get distracted by weariness from traveling, the hustle and bustle of getting to meetings and fellowshipping with friends that we can forget to take time to be quiet.

“Be still and know that I am God.”  This is something that does not come naturally to me…at all.

I need a still and quiet heart.

Openness to what His plans are for me…beyond the basic one of glorifying Him!

Cohesiveness in our group as we travel together.

That we will be able to bring things back (in our hearts) to help and encourage our families, friends and the women in our church.

That we will continue to be touched by the amazing grace God has shown us…that is so undeserved.  How He left the glories of heaven, came to earth as a servant…even to the point of death!  So that the just penalty for our sin could be paid with His blood.

Being reminded of what is at the heart of the gospel is always so encouraging.  It drives us to worship and we are changed!