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Over the years, I have thought and read about how to be more effective mentoring women in our churches particularly.  The more I observe how to do it, the more sensitive I am to the times we mess up.

It’s not that I have come up with all these original ideas of how to spiritually mother women in our churches.  Quite the contrary!  Just as I had to learn to mother in something of a negative vacuum, I had to learn to do this with plenty of poor examples in the church.

But some really great ones  stand out like jewels!  I determined that I wanted to be one of the jewels and not one of the poor examples.  I’ve had mixed results personally.  But I keep persevering.

One of the most helpful books for me in thinking on this topic has been by Susan Hunt.  Many years ago, I read her book Spiritual Mothering. It was life-changing.

Well, it wasn’t just the book!  She was the head of the women’s ministry for our denomination and she taught much of what was in the book before she wrote it up.  Each year when we would go to our General Assembly, she would test out parts of it on the women there…and teach it.

I learned so much not only from her book, but from her example.  She was one of those people who was approachable, encouraging, humble, always happy for questions.  They generate almost non-stop from my brain!

But my five minutes is up!  I’ll have to finish this tomorrow since I’ve only barely introduced my topic!  Mentoring younger women is a passion of mine.  I have much more to say about it.  Happy Five Minute Friday!