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I know the drawing was supposed to be this morning, but we had a snow day!  Ron didn’t have to go to work, I worked last night, so we slept in.  That put everything behind.  By the time we had our late morning brunch AND built a snowman together, the day was passing swiftly.  Sorry for the delay.

I was planning to use an automated drawing tool to wade through the many comments I expected to have from all of you who wanted to win something free.  Well, I guess you all don’t want to win free stuff very badly.  Who knew?

Since I had two entries, I used the flawless double-blind method called RonChoice.  I asked him to choose #1 or #2.  #1 won and that is Kent Travis, author of Thinking It Through (linked above). He is a high school literature teacher at Brook Hill School.  We also share the same birthday (different year).  He is sooo going to love this…for sure his wife and 4 daughters will!  (Can you tell that I know him?…we attend the same church.)

Feel free to visit Becky at Heirloom Soapworks.  She just got her latest batch of lavender soap to come out just the right color.  See it on her blog!  Thanks again Becky for your soaps for the giveaway.  We really appreciate your participation.