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Photo of caregiver with her dad in wheelchair on spring day faded into background with Isaiah 26:4 in foreground.

Photo by Canva

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You keep him in perfect peace
whose mind is stayed on you,
because he trusts in you.
Trust in the Lord forever,
for the Lord God is an everlasting rock.

Isaiah 26:3-4 ESV

God promises to keep the person in peace if her mind is stayed on Him because she trusts in Him. But why do we trust Him? Because He is our everlasting Rock.

Have you thought about what that means. The everlasting part is pretty straightforward. It never stops. It goes on and on forever. Anything that is everlasting, as long as it is good, is great if it goes on forever.

The everlasting Rock is constant and steady. He will never change.

In this case, it is God’s Rock-ness. We think of that as being stability, dependability, changelessness, the opposite of being moody or prone to outbursts. How often have you been around the family member of someone who passed away and they said he was the rock of the family and they weren’t sure how they would get along without him. We all need people like that. We know we can go to them for advice and they won’t get upset no matter what the problem is and they will help us untangle our problem. Often it is a father or grandfather. God is a perfect version of that. He is changeless in a good way, not so He is stuck in a rut. In fact, He is with us through all kinds of change…but He doesn’t change. He is the same God we can depend on.

That is why we can have peace. We know He will be the same God today as He was 5 years ago as He was during Abraham’s day as He was during the time of David as He was when Jesus walked the earth until now! I’m thankful He is the everlasting rock that I can cling to during hard times. That brings me incredible peace.