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In the name of caregiving. I thought I’d pass on this tutorial for you today. It tells us how to make masks. Many are suggesting it as a replacement for shortfalls of masks in hospitals. I guess you will need to check with your local hospital. I checked with a doctor at one of my local hospitals and she said they aren’t appropriate for them but are good for personal use. So with that in mind, I will include the following tutorial. Just don’t rush to make gobs of them unless you know this kind of mask is one that will work for the needs of the place you want to donate to.

I haven’t checked with nursing homes or anything like that. It could be that they could use them.That is simply my precaution before you make a bunch of these that can’t be used, check to be sure you are making the kind of mask that is needed.

I’m also adding directions to this additional mask that is an option for hospitals that will accept it. pay attention to all the warnings associated with it:

I will also include here a recipe for homemade hand sanitizer in case that is something you need and can’t get locally.



This quarantine is definitely a challenge for all of us. I’m not sure where you are finding the biggest challenge. But one thing that will help you is if you are able to think of others while you are dealing with this challenge. It may be as you make masks, it may that you will make calls on the phone to people who are shut in. I don’t know where you need to reach out, but it is something to think about.

Blessings, during this time of sadness, adjusting, disappointment and change.

**3/26/2020 i was notified today that there have been some changes in the policies of our local hospital system in the past day or two.toward the use of homemade masks. Adding the flannel helps add another layer of air filter but it still doesn’t make it as good as the better filter respirators.