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I have joined a writer’s group this past week that is teaching me almost more than I can keep up with. It is fun and stimulating. It is making me stop and think about the people I write to.

I realize I have been writing to a nebulous group of women in their 40’s and up who I don’t know in much detail. I don’t know you very well at all! I need to have a more detailed picture in my mind when I write to you. I know this group is varied, but I also know you have a lot in common.

It is making me stop &think about the people I write to. I realize I have been writing to a nebulous group of women in their 40's &up, who I don't know in detail. I need a more detailed picture in my mind when I write to you. Click To Tweet

I realize I don’t know who my readers are. So far I don’t see you as a particular race, but realistically, most of you are probably white…I don’t want to choose one race when I chose my reader. You may be older than 40, 50-70? I prefer thinking of you as intergenerational, but you may be on the older side of that group. I don’t think of you as southern because, although I have often lived in the South, I’m not southern. I would hate to think I’m limiting myself to one segment of the U.S. I know some of my readers are even from Canada.

I know I have some mid-westerners here as well as some south Floridians and former South Floridians…they are definitely not Southerners. I also have some friends and family in the northeast who may read this blog. I have lived in the South, northeast, midwest and out of the country and enjoyed all the different locations. They each had strengths and weaknesses.

I definitely don’t try to limit myself to a certain socio-economic group. But realistically that the truly poor won’t have access to the internet to read what I have to say. Most likely, most here are middle class. I think I have limited myself to mostly Christian readers or at least readers who are sympathetic to Christian beliefs. I try not to make too many political comments because I don’t want to divide people along political lines if it keeps them from Jesus.

So I may have a problem. Since I can’t see you and I don’t know you very well, I need you to talk to me. If you are a regularish reader, could you make a comment re your stats? When it comes to age, just give within a decade or two. If you don’t want to be specific re where you live, could you give the state or region? Anything else you can tell me would be great!

I do know that for those of you who have families, you love them to pieces. Many of you have dealt with loss, whether it has been the loss of an infant, child or spouse. That truly covers many of you. Still others are caretakers of a loved one who is failing, or that is in your history. It may have been parents, in-laws or a spouse or child. Most of you love Jesus…in ways that I am humbled by. There are a few of you who are single, but not many. That is the extent of my knowledge.

I need to understand who my reader is so I can write a little more specifically to you rather than to a nebulous mob out there. Of course, this is one way I have of finding out who you are. It is a first step.

Please help me!